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this is my cmmisson sheet on DA but i want to do commissions on here too! 


I would like to be paid with money .I accept payments by paypal my paypal email is katelynn_newell@yahoo. But please, and I cannot stress this enough, do not send me a payment before confirming it with me via message first. I need to know what you want for your commission so I can let you know if I’m able to draw it or not. And please add reference pictures and/or a detailed description of what you want. when a agreement is made I need half of the money to be sent to me before I work on your art and the rest when you like the work. When sending money please select gift so you won’t be taxed by paypal.

* If you buy a commission you have the option to request a commission of equal or lesser value than the one you bought.

*Also create a journal advertising my prices you’ll get a free traditional chibi sketch!

*I will sent you both a jpg, psd, and ping of your work and post it on here.

*Each extra charter cost $1 max is 4

*and extra chibi is another .50
background cost $1.00 extra depending on how detail price mite change or choose a plan color for free

I’m doing this in hopes it’ll make more people want to get a commission from me cause guys, I seriously need money to pay for
this is a new version of my commission sheet that I had up on here and I changed it way to many times for newcomers and old to not see it updated to I removed it. Thanks to :craigbutikofer: and :MoshxChurch: for their tips of what I need to changed on my old sheet.

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