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The big audio post I’ve been working on is a bit of a continuation from the other 2 that we’ve done before. I hope you like it.

The Security Guard is Hootey from Vinesauce

The Phone Guy is litterbot

Freddy is themrcreepypasta

Bonnie is creepypastajr

Chica is trinathewolf

Foxxy is wellheyproductions

Other Audios are

The Freddy Fazbear Band

The Bite of 87’






I’ve been meaning to do this for a while, now is probably the best moment! I want to thank you for the +2600 followers on my Jeff and Slenderman account and for the +600 on this one, and I thought an art giveaway would be the best idea!

What can you get?

» First prize: You can decide whether you prefer a picture (like the first pictures, on the third you can decide the style you want!) UP TO TWO CHARACTERS or if you’re a roleplay/ask account you can get gifs! 

> Second prize: You take the opposite of what first prize decides! If they get the picture, you get the gifs and vice versa.

Third prize: See the last two pictures? You can get a stupid paint sketch or a quick sketch done in SAI. 

How to participate!

· You don’t have to be following me (it’d be nice if you did, though!)
· You have to reblog it! Likes only count if you’ve reblogged the picture. (I want this to reach as much people as possible, sorry)
· Of course, you need to have your askbox opened. You have three days to reply to the message if you’re the winner. No exceptions! So sorry if you’re grounded or if you didn’t have internet.
· As usual on all the giveaways, random number generator for the winner!

  • ENDS ON JULY 3RD 7TH, since it’s when I’m done with my class projects.

Good luck!~




~~~~~~~SIGNAL BOOST!!!~~~~~~~~

For anyone who is facing a mountain of debt after they graduate check out this amazing idea:

"SponsorChange has created a mutually-beneficial initiative that provides people power for high-impact non-profits in need, while simultaneously helping to relieve students of their ever-impending debt."

check out this link for more info —->


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